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Tevo Tarantula Aluminum Full Set With Modular X for Single Extruder

Tevo Tarantula Aluminum Full Set With Modular X for Single Extruder


All orders ship within 2-10 days. See below for shipping info.

This is the full set of aluminum parts. It replaces all the plastic on the Tevo Tarantula with rigid metal parts. All the X, Y, and Z parts are included.

Includes the Modular X carriage, 

(For the non-modular set go here)

Order will include mounting for Stock Single, and ....drumroll....   Single E3D.

Dual stock and E3D dual are sold in a separate listing. HERE

Also features a Patent Pending easy screw down belt tightening mechanism. (just kidding on the patent, its just 2 screws and a piece of metal.)

Upgrades over old parts include closer hole spacing to make wheels tighter when tightening with eccentric nut, and the rigidness that the metal parts provide. You can tighten the X and Y belts super tight and not have to worry about the plastic breaking or bending.

Dual Z Cord Explaination

Includes 4 extra pieces to brace the frame. Comes with 8 M4 screws and 8 T-nuts to secure the frame supports.

Has extra holes for mounting to MGN12 rail.

Screws in baggie:

6 - M3x10 Flat heads for attaching things to the carriage

2 - M3 Button heads and nuts for screwing together the E3D clamp

2 - M4 Flat heads for attaching the rigid side of the E3D clamp

1 - M3x12 Flat head to hold the front of the E3D clamp


All files for sensor mounting configurations can be found here, and will be updated as time goes on.

They are bare aluminum, picture is just for reference.

Check out this place for lots of good info on getting your Tevo running smoothly.

Updated Shipping Rates:

US Tracked = $8.00

Canada Tracked = $21.00

International Tracked = $23.00

Aluminum Grade - 5052 marine grade aluminum, so it will be resistant to corrosion.

Thickness - 4.75mm(3/16 inch)

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